The Growing Popularity Of The Sex Toys In India

India is never that reticent land now, where buying a condom from the neighborhood shop is neither an awkward task nor an incognito task! Yes, the conservative land is finally and thankfully becoming a liberal land, willing to accept the practical necessities as it is with an open mind! As a result, the once frowned upon the topic, ‘the sex’, is now being addressed openly and more maturely, understanding the respective, harmless physical needs of the individuals.

From growing sex education to the growing popularity of the sex products, the country is eager to adapt to the harmless modern ways and needs, which can ultimately pave way for the progressive growth of the country. Especially, in the latter subject, the interest shown by the people of the country has increased that has been substantiated by the following 3 conditions.


Growing online sex toys stores

In India, a physical sex toy store might be illegal but, that doesn’t prevent anyone from buying their favorite pleasure-offering product as the country is more enthusiastically welcoming a more number of online stores like the Adult Product India that sell the indispensable sexual-wellness-related products.

Yes, in the year 2013, the market worth of India’s sexual wellness industry, which stood at $213Mn skyrocketed to a whopping value of $453Mn in the year 2015. If this response continues, the industry is expected to make a phenomenal leap of 81% by the year 2020.


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Growing societal acceptance

However, the sex product that keeps contributing majorly towards the growth of the industry is the widely-used condoms, whose position is expected to be shared by the lubricators in the year 2020. This shows, the people are no more shy to satiate their essential sexual needs, which can in every way suppress the number of crimes happening in the name of sex in the country!

More than the individuals, as a society, the sexual wellness and the respective physical needs are being appreciated, where according to a survey, the Amdavadis, who are among the largest utilizers of the sex toys in India, prefer gifting these pleasure-enhancing toys for the newlyweds. Surprising, isn’t it? Even few online portals have claimed the soaring number of sales during the wedding and other festive seasons.

According to the Federation of Gujarat State Chemists and Druggists Association, the sale of the sex toys and the oral contraceptives increase drastically by 360% around Navaratri and ahead of the Valentine’s Day. According to its president Jashvant Patel, the major contribution is made by the younger generation and the trend is very much a yearly affair! If this can be the case with a single state like Gujarat, imagine the situation with the rest of the country that proves, India is no more a ‘coy’ nation but only a ‘bold’ nation!

Growing women’s involvement

If the sex was considered a taboo subject, then the open involvement of women in this subject was regarded a criminal act by a majority of the society that prohibited the women of the country from enjoying the much-needed sexual wellness! But, with the increasing awareness, the situation is changing these days, where women are more eloquent about their sexual needs and are no more hesitant to quench their well-meaning sexual desires, appropriately! It’s true and has been substantiated by a survey conducted by Durex, in where nearly 13 percent of the urban women of the country use sex toys to enhance their sexual pleasure! Also, according to the data collected by a popular e-health site, the participation of the women in appreciating the sexual wellness has increased by over 75% when compared to the previous or the yesteryear scenarios.

Apart from the increasing awareness, this would not have been possible if not for the discretion offered by the online sexual stores, encouraging even those women living in a joint-family setup to procure the desired sex-related products unworried and allowing them to enjoy the pleasurable sexual act in their own pleasurable way!Thus, more than the men, the women of the country are the ones who drive the sales of the sex products greatly, which shows the increasing open-minded state of the country towards appreciating the sexual wellness and the sexual desires of the responsible individuals!

So, the approach towards the sexual needs of an adult is changing for the better in our country and therefore, anybody willing to procure the sex toys for their pleasurable sexual life can do so comfortably and if needed, discreetly with the help of the popular online sex stores of the country!

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